Art Show

I have a show coming up at The Runner Stone Market and Cafe in Warner,NH on July 6th. The time hasn’t been set in stone yet, but if you’re in the area you should swing in and enjoy some art and really yummy food!¬† I’ll post more info as soon as I know more ūüôā


Art on display as of today!!


Was graciously given almost 10 feet of wall space at “The Runner Stone Market and Cafe” in Warner, NH. This is a¬†great new place for coffee,¬†food and now serving beer (!!).¬† The best thing about this place is¬†that a¬†majority of¬†the ingredients in the dishes on the menu are¬†provided by local businesses,¬†markets and farms. The beer is local too!

 Stop in for some great food, some coffee or a beer and take a peek at some artwork!

Peonies…best time of year.


Probable reference photo for my next piece. Can’t wait!

New Drawing

Prismacolor pencils 8×10


Prismacolor pencils



Summer is usually my time.

School is over for a few weeks, the ankle biters are home with their families and I can actually sit and draw for as many hours as I can possibly squeeze into a day.

Except this year.

I can’t find the desire to sit and bring myself to pick up a pencil. Why? Where is my inspiration? Did I let too much time pass since the last time I tried to create anything? I teach art!¬† I should have the itch by now — what is going on?

What do you do to inspire yourself to create when you have a block?



Feeling it may be the next piece! Sooooo excited spring is here.

Finding Motivation

Spring is here and summer is looming…I feel the need to draw starting to creep up on me.

If only the school year ended in May. :-/

Lumpy and lion



Crazy busy = no time for anything


I’ve managed to pick at this ink drawing here and there but really need to start updating this blog more often for sure. Why does it a lways seem like there just isn’t enough time for everything? If you’ve been checking in, thank you for your continued interest. My hope is to get more work posted as soon as possible. It’s way overdue, I can feel it.

Columbine :)


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